Best Dunkers in NBA History

The 5 Best Dunkers in NBA History 

Basketball can be a highly entertaining sport to watch, with its fast-paced plays and its competitiveness. From quick steals to fast passes and best of all, amazing dunks, basketball players impress us with their agility and skill. Dunking is one part of basketball that leaves many fans fascinated. For many, it is thrilling to watch their favorite players attempt high jumps with the end goal of dunking the ball in the basket.
Following is a list of players who are considered the top dunkers in the history of the NBA.
Look at Them Go!
1. Michael Jordan-Who can ever forget Michael Jordan’s name? For many reasons he is an unforgettable NBA player that deserves the title of one of the best NBA stars in history, but he should also remembered as one of the top dunkers to have impressed us with his skill for dunking. What made Michael’s dunks so fascinating was how they caught people by surprise. He was famous for his quick and crafty dunks, as well as being an amazing player all around.

Julius Erving “Dr. J”-Julius Erving had style to his dunking which drew attention to this particular part of his game. As an incredibly gifted player with large hands and an imagination when it came to coming up with different styles of dunking, it is no wonder that many players still imitate his game today.

3. Vince Carter-Known as “Vinsanity,” Vince Carter was highly recognized for what could be considered as “insane” plays. His dunks weren’t always just straight-forward dips into the basket, but he often got to his dunks with crazy passes and incredible plays that didn`t even seem human. Perhaps all this was due to his amazing strength and athletic ability that he displayed on the court, not only in dunking, but in a number of ways that kept his fans speechless.

Lebron James-A name that most people recognize nowadays, Lebron James has been in the limelight for a number of reasons, but his “superpower” that best fits this list is his incredible ability to dunk with amazing strength. Lebron James is fast, strong, and intimidating, making him a force to be reckoned with in any play, but particularly when it comes to his dunking.

5. Shaquille O’Neal-Of course this list would not be considered complete without Shaq’s name on it. While he may have been less speedy and agile then some of his counterparts, Shaq more than made up with it with his ability to dunk like no other, including dunking with such rock-hard strength that he shattered the backboard more than once. Making his dunking efforts far easier was the fact that many players would rather get out of his way then to be faced with the possibility of his large frame falling upon them.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of the top dunkers of all time, these 5 basketball stars deserve to have their name in the “best dunkers” spotlight. They played great games all around, but their dunks have gone down in history as “mouth-dropping” feats of greatness and it’s no wonder they played such successful careers.